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Offering a room

SZ 4800 Kč 3+1 male or female Posted: 31.10.
Krlovo pole, Srbsk Own room 608084048
Vacant from: October
Details: Byt je pln? vybaven ledni?kou, mikrovlnkou, sporkem s troubou a pra?kou. Internet je v cen? njmu. Available in a relatively quiet location of Brno, with very good access to public transportation and abundant parking places nearby. Room is fully furnished. Flat is equipped with fridge, microwave, stove, washing mashine. Internet is included within the rent. 
Petr 6200 Kč 3+1 male or female Posted: 30.10.
Praha- Letnany Own room 724420979
Vacant from: November
Details: This apartment is near subway Letnany, street Ostravska. Each room has about 16 square meters. Everyone has one own room and bathroom+kitchen+terrace are shared. Equipment: Wi-Fi internet, cooker with oven, dining table 4 chairs, large fridge, microwave, and much more ... Rent is 6'200 CZK per month include everything. In case of any questions or pictures please do not hesitate to contact me +420724420979 
Jean-Baptiste 6000 Kč 2+1 male or female Posted: 30.10.
Praha 2, Vaclavska Own room 777847270
Vacant from: October
Details: Small Room located in city center of Prague. Exact adres Prague 1, Vaclavska 16. Only 5-7 min to Venceslav square. Fully furnished room with bed, wardrobe, table and chair. Also we provide linen. Price 6000 kc rent 1500 kc utilities 

Looking for a roommate

Petr Janouek 6000 Kč 2+kc male or female Posted: 26.10.
podol Own room 604813746 Vacant from: November
Natalia 250,00 EUR / 7532 Sk any male or female Posted: 20.10.
any Own room 37067173060
Vacant from: February
Details: Pet-friendly, smoking-friendly, seeking for some privacy and a single room in a shared appartment. 25yo female student at the Karl University. Please suggest in English only. Budget - 250EUR with utilities. 
Mato 460,00 EUR / 13858 Sk 2+kc male or female Posted: 20.10.
Ruzinov Own or shared room 0948121155 Vacant from: November

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