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Offering a room

Tanya 6000 Kč 3+1 female Posted: 17.04.
Prague 10 Vrsovice Own room beztanya@hotmail.com Vacant from: April
Details: We are looking for a new flatmate (girl only) for a nice cozy fully furnished room available now at V Predpoli 28, Prague 10. The transportation connections are great - 7 mins to Strasnicka metro station, plenty day and night trams. There is an Albert across the street and a 24hr Tesco two tram stops away. We are looking for someone who is tidy and respectful, ideally long term. You will be sharing with two mid 20s, working girls. The rent is 6000kc with a 5000kc deposit, the internet is additional 100kc per month. 
Cristina 7800 Kč 4+1 male or female Posted: 16.04.
Prague Own room 774687961
Vacant from: May
Peter 140,00 EUR / 4218 Sk 3+1 male or female Posted: 16.04.
Dlhe diely - Karlova ves Own or shared room 0911723268
Vacant from: April
Details: We are looking for a man or a woman, no smoker, to rent one room in a three bedroom apartment on a second floor of a building in the area of Dlhe diely - Pribisova street (top of the hill) for 200EUR - this price includes utilities (60Eur). Payment is made on the 15th for one month in advance. The flat is 2 minutes away from a busstop (line 32/33) and 5 minutes from a supermarket. Equipped with a washing-machine a fridge and a microwave. The apartment has a wifi internet connection. The room is available as of April. 

Looking for a roommate

Lisa 7000 Kč any male or female Posted: 16.04.
Praha 3 Own room liamo24995@gmail.com Vacant from: July
Details: Hello, i search separated room or apartment (furnished) for a long-term, from july or august, i prefer Prague 3, 2 or 10. Maximum rental is 7000-7500 Kč. 
Antonio 7000 Kč any male Posted: 15.04.
Prague 1-2-3 Own or shared room 00393475037299
Vacant from: September
Details: Hi, I''m an italian guy and i m moving to Prague in in the first half of september and i ll leave during the second half of december. I dont care about flat/roomates and neither about the place (own or shared room is the same). send me an e mail if you have any offer 
Kertu 10000 Kč any male or female Posted: 11.04.
Prague Own room kertuveermae@gmail.com Vacant from: April
Details: I''m a nice easy-going female, looking for a room (small studio) for me and MY DOG! My dog is very friendly and beautiful, doesn'' break things. I would also need WIFI and nearby parking. Maximum rent would be 10000 (all utilities etc included). Please contact me asap. I could move in from 16.04 or the beginning of May. 

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